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Robin Hood: Fight Poverty Like a New Yorker


The Robin Hood Foundation has distributed more than $1.25 billion dollars in the fight against poverty since it’s founding in 1988. Funds have come largely as major gifts from individual donors, including generous giving at an annual gala in May that raises in excess of $60 million in one evening.

The Fight Poverty Like a New Yorker campaign is a call to service for all New Yorkers in the war against poverty. The $1MM campaign airs May 2013 with media donated by Clear Channel and funded by the board of Robin Hood Foundation, as are all Robin Hood Foundation expenses. The campaign celebrates the quirkiness and compassion of true New Yorkers, and calls on the community to donate time, talent and money to alleviate hunger, homelessness, lack of healthcare, unemployment, and educational disparity.

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Charity Promotes a New York State of Mind, NY Times, Stuart Elliott, April 30, 2013.   An antipoverty campaign by the Robin Hood Foundation celebrates archetypal Big Apple behaviors, like knowing the best place to get dim sum.

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